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Redpine Signals launches V2X solution for connected car market

Published: June 7, 2016 | California, US

Redpine Signals has recently introduced multi-protocol wireless solution with ultra- low power and a low cost designed to drive the emergence of the connected car.  Redpine’s WaveCombo™ solution enables dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) as well as non-DSRC applications while also featuring low power consumption ideal for use in bicycles, helmets, smart phones, and any such non-vehicular applications for rider as well as pedestrian safety.

Venkat Mattela, CEO of Redpine Signals, said:

The technology providers in the connected car market are quite fragmented with different parts of the solution coming from different vendors, leaving OEMs with incomplete, costly and ineffective wireless solutions. To solve this problem, Redpine leveraged its decades of expertise in multi-protocol wireless communications and low-power designs to develop WaveCombo.  Based on customer feedback, this new solution represents the most significant wireless development for the connected car market and we look forward to driving rapid adoption of this technology throughout the automotive industry.

Joe Pullin, Vice President of Global Marketing at Mitsumi Electronics Corp, said:

V2X communication is an evolving market which needs a close partnership between the 802.11p technology providers such as Redpine Signals and car OEM solution providers like Mitsumi. We are happy to be a partner of Redpine and have been working closely with them to integrate their solution. Their unique wireless combination coupled with higher performance and lower power is ideal for the applications driving the adoption of 802.11p in the market.

WaveCombo’s wireless technology integration enables several applications and usage model such as emergency vehicle approaching warning (using 802.11p and BT), roadside alert (using 802.11p and BT), smart cone for worker safety (using 802.11p and 802.15.4) and passenger hot spot (802.11p in motion and 802.11n when parked) without the need for adding additional wireless modules.

For more information about the Redpine products, please visit www.redpinesignals.com.

Source: Redpine Signals, Inc.

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