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R-Link infotainment system tops independent usability study

Amsterdam: An independent study has rated the Renault R-Link featuring TomTom technologies as the best connected navigation system available. The study, by automotive research consultancy SBD, rated R-Link the ‘best system’ over six other leading European OE infotainment and navigation systems.

R-Link was rated ‘easiest to use system’ by a panel of expert analysts and consumers. The system received consistently high scores for its balance of simplicity and feature-richness.

The SBD study found that consumers and experts rated systems with more features and functionality too complicated and resulted in lower overall usability scores. Systems with higher prices did not guarantee a better user experience.

The SBD study report- “Usability Benchmarking:  Expert and consumer evaluation of connected car systems” is an independent study of seven high-profile OE navigation systems offered by OEMs in Europe. The study’s methodology utilised 200 hours of testing and 70 hours of video of expert and consumer evaluation.

Renault R-Link received positive feedback for features including:

  • simple input HMI (human machine interface)
  • consistent menu structure
  • voice recognition system
  • system feedback
  • text to speech feature
  • news information app functionality


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