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PolySync partners with 10 organizations to accelerate the development of safe self-driving cars

For accelerating the development of safe self-driving cars, PolySync — a company that provides tools and software for self-driving technology– has partnered with ten organizations like  NXP, Swift Navigation, and more such organizations spanning the autonomous vehicle development industry, including software companies, hardware manufacturers, and education providers.


These collaborations provide customers with a cohesive technology ecosystem which helps customers avoid spending time solving low level integration issues, and instead focus on tackling the real technology challenges facing the industry.

Autonomous driving requires performance as well as robust safety, security, powerful software, mathematical libraries and algorithms, tools, training databases, infrastructure and connectivity to name just a few areas. These requirements are so vast that a single company cannot cover them all. A partnership program with all the possible competencies rolled together will accelerate the mass deployment of autonomous driving.

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