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Pointer Telocation collaborates with Microsoft in Israel to build an AI system for modeling and understanding driver behavior

Pointer Telocation Ltd, a developer, manufacturer, and operator of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions, has announced a new technological collaboration with Microsoft in Israel, building an AI system for modeling and understanding driver behavior.

The system will learn based on the large volume of driver behavior data (also known as Big Data) collected by Pointer historically as well as on an ongoing basis, combined with environmental data such as speed limits, road types and weather conditions. The analysis will be performed using Microsoft Azure cloud services, using the most advanced Machine Learning tools and Big Data analysis techniques.

The company aims to build a predictive system for driver behavior, based on patterns within the Big Data collected. The system will be able to forecast those drivers which are more likely to be involved in a future road accident in light of the way they drive and their history. It will also be able to indicate which component of their driving needs improving, in order to reduce their risks.

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