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Owl launches LTE-Connected security camera

Owl has launched Car Cam. The company claims it to be the first LTE-Connected security camera built to protect and empower drivers with instant video evidence of anything and everything the road throws their way.

The camera is designed by a team of entrepreneurs hailing from Apple, Microsoft & Dropcam. The Owl Car Cam brings 24/7, security to the car to capture crashes, break-ins, dents, and traffic stops. When driving, dual-facing cameras protect Owl users, capturing what happens on the road, both inside and outside of the car.

When parked, Owl secures the vehicle with sensors that automatically alert the driver via the Owl Cam app. The app lets the driver see and use HD video evidence of everything from break-ins to mystery parking lot dings. The driver alone control the video with the Owl app on your phone. The app is built to make sharing video easy in seconds.

The Owl Car Cam is always connected to power and utilizes a LTE connection to access up to 24 hours of high definition video and alerts. This system protects and helps people in situations like, Crashes, Dings/dents, Traffic stops, Break-ins etc.

The is small and easy to install in any car built in 1996 and after; it draws power from the on board diagnostics (OBD) port. The camera is controlled with an app, available initially for iPhone iOS11. The Owl Car Cam is built for use in the USA.

The Owl Car Cam has dual HD cameras, an LTE cellular radio, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, a touch screen, a powerful processor, speakers, microphones and security beacon and lights. The Owl Car Cam will be sold individually for $299 in 2018.

The Owl LTE Service provides instant security alerts, voice controlled video clip creation, live remote video of what’s happening in your car now and the ability to see everything that happened in the 24 hours from anywhere. The Owl LTE service, including up to 60 minutes of Live View use or up to 60 video tags costs $10/month.

Alongside the nationwide launch, Owl also announced a Series A funding round of $18 Million. Owl’s investors include, Khosla Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Sherpa Capital, Moment Ventures, Maniv Mobility, and CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA insurer.

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