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Octo releases Glimpse Plus telematics service for insurers to gather accurate data on driving behavior & more

Octo Telematics, has released Glimpse Plus, a cutting-edge, digitally-enabled telematics service that provides a reliable way for insurers to gather accurate data on driving behavior, as well as more detailed crash detection and claims analysis. The solution also enables consumers to use their smartphone to monitor their driving habits and become safer drivers.


Roughly three-quarters of Americans (77%) now own a smartphone, the use of smartphones to detect driver trips is also increasing, and can be a powerful tool in improving driver behavior and road safety, and increasing insurance intelligence for analyzing driver scores, crash detection and reconstruction, and more.

Glimpse Plus combines the smartphone user experience with the intelligence of a tag to identify drivers, to provide crash capabilities – detection, instant FNOL, and reconstruction. It brings an ability to collect quality data – making the telematics offering more accurate than others based on a smartphone alone. A tag sensor, easily installed in the vehicle, connects with the user’s smartphone, making the detection of trip events and data reliable – even if the smartphone is not in the car. The allows the usage of Octo’s proprietary algorithm to detect, validate and reconstruct crashes, enabling insurers to reduce their claim cost, as well as providing a better user experience.

Capabilities include:

  • Pairs with smartphone for driver identification and data transmission
  • Improves reliability and accuracy of data collection and risk event detection over smartphone-as-a-device model
  • Adds crash detection, instant FNOL, and crash reconstruction capabilities
  • Drastically reduces battery usage over smartphone-as-a-device model
  • Detects vehicle trips and events even when the smartphone is not present in the vehicle
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