Nuance Communications collaborated with Daimler AG to develop and power the MBUX multimedia system

Nuance Communications has announced that it has collaborated with Daimler AG to develop and power the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) multimedia system. This latest advancement in infotainment systems transforms the driver experience in the cockpit through a fully customized automotive assistant, built specifically for the new A-Class and other future Mercedes models.

Powered by Nuance’s state-of-the-art conversational AI technology, MBUX leverages the Nuance Dragon Drive platform to understand and continuously learn the needs and preferences of both drivers and passengers over time to provide an increasingly personalized and connected experience.

MBUX’s offerings include:

  • A Truly Conversational Interface – One of the first in-car systems activated by a wake-up word rather than the push of a button, MBUX is engaged with a simple, “Hey Mercedes.” Natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG) then allow drivers and passengers to interact with MBUX naturally, just as they would with another person, to ask questions and complete requests. It utilizes natural and varied outputs rather than stereotypical, scripted answers.
  • Continuous Recall for Ongoing Conversation – The natural language understanding designed into MBUX recalls what a driver has said previously and can understand references to things that were said in the past, just like humans can.
  •  Hybrid, Adaptive System – The system is pre-wired to accept flexible, over-the-air updates via the cloud, even for functions designed and embedded directly into the vehicle. As the software model is continuously enriched with new words or changing use of language over time, new domains (for example seasonal sports events), virtual assistants and services can be added to broaden the spectrum of information available to the driver at any time and ensure the vehicle can always include state-of-the-art capabilities. In addition, the assistant is deeply integrated with the car itself, enabling voice-powered control of in-car functions like climate and music and features like in-seat temperature and massage.

As connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles become increasingly standard, the expectations drivers and passengers will have for in-car interactions will continue to evolve. Nuance’s conversational AI technology and the combination of cloud connectivity with embedded, on-board technology is helping to lead this evolution, delivering an intelligent and intuitive user experience that is integrated elegantly into the vehicle.

Dragon Drive powers MBUX features in 23 languages, including UK English, US English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. The MBUX assistant will first be introduced in the new 2018 A-Class, which is available for order now and began shipping in May 2018.

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