Netradyne plans to launch Driveri RiskMap feature

Netradyne has announced plans to launch Driveri RiskMap.  The new feature analyzes the comprehensive data captured through Netradyne’s Driveri platform, to provide fleet managers with a complete view of how their drivers are driving by geography.

The RiskMap mapping feature recognizes and clusters specific driver behaviors which represent favorable or risky situations for the driver, fleet or general public.

This gives safety managers the power to review and evaluate identified areas and modify fleet operations and routes to increase safety for all parties involved.

In addition to identifying potentially dangerous roads, Driveri RiskMap utilizes Driveri’s data visualization tool to communicate other unfavorable road conditions such as heavy traffic congestion, reduced following distance, dangerous intersections, speed relative to traffic, and incidents of vehicle damage so managers and drivers can efficiently plan their daily routes.

This ‘risk’ map help fleets identify and prioritize risks associated with their business, as well as recognize roads that contain positive driving clusters so they can be utilized more often.

Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge Computing, Driveri captures and analyzes every driving minute, providing fleets with deep data-backed insight into their entire workday. This includes capturing both potential risk and excellent driving behavior.

Founded in 2015, Netradyne has technology innovation centers in both San Diego, CA and Bangalore, India where teams are focused on launching a driver safety platform for Commercial Vehicles. Grounded in the vision of applying Artificial Intelligence for improving fleet safety, Netradyne claims to delivers a  view of the driving environment to fleet owners while serving as their driver’s advocate.

Netradyne’s Driveri is a vision-based driver retention and safety platform for commercial vehicles, which captures and analyzes every minute of every driving day. The platform uses a Quad-HD camera to provide a complete view of the road, a TeraFLOP processor capable of one trillion calculations per second and artificial intelligence that analyzes driver behavior and relays data to fleet managers immediately.

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