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Navistar reveals OnCommand Connection Telematics and Marketplace

Navistar has launched its telematics solution, OnCommand Connection Telematics. The solution includes hardware and applications in support of all makes and all models of Class 6 through 8 vehicles that are equipped with a J1939 or J1708 diagnostic port.

The company also announced OnCommand Connection Marketplace, a new, open-architecture, cloud-based technology platform for complete telematics solutions and a broad range of related driver support tools.


OnCommand Connection Telematics complements OnCommand Connection. By integrating and interpreting vehicle health information from multiple telematics providers in an integrated, customer-friendly format, OnCommand Connection enables fleet users and other customers to achieve more efficient repairs and maintenance, better lifecycle value, and a lower total cost of ownership, giving them increased visibility into maintenance and repair needs and better control of their business.

OnCommand Connection Telematics will utilize OnCommand Connection Link 2, a universal telematics device that plugs into the truck’s service port. The device, which will be available mid-summer, will also provide access to OnCommand Connection, Navistar’s industry-leading remote diagnostics solution, which is capable of interfacing with virtually all telematics service providers for all vehicle makes.

The first app available on OnCommand Connection Marketplace will be OnCommand Connection Electronic Driver Log (EDL), which automates federal Hours of Service compliance requirements that are mandated for all carriers by December 18, 2017. OnCommand Connection Marketplace will also offer access to tools such as driver vehicle inspection reports and other capabilities to make the driver’s job easier and more productive. The Marketplace will be open to customer-created and third-party apps, as well as apps from truck OEMs and suppliers.

OnCommand Connection Telematics, OnCommand Connection Marketplace and the Electronic Driver Log app will be available mid-summer at International Truck dealers, select retail locations and online. The Electronic Driver Log will be available in both the Google®Play store and the Apple® iTunes store.

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