Molex and INVECAS join hands to develop an Automotive Infotainment Media Module

Molex and INVECAS are joining hands to develop an Automotive Infotainment Media Module for intelligent vehicles.

The Molex Infotainment Module optimizes a host of functional capabilities on a single solution for reduced complexity, size and cost to automotive manufacturers. It incorporates solution designed by INVECAS manufactured by GLOBALFOUNDRIES.

Molex Incorporated is a manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection systems. INVECAS is a provider of IP and embedded software and system-level solutions for the automotive industry and other market segments. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, a semiconductor foundry.

The company claims that the Infotainment Media Module can significantly reduce the time to implement an automotive module. A module can combine data, navigation, and in-vehicle infotainment features for audio, and video. Configurable for wired and wireless connectivity, a module can be integrated with the vehicle head unit, in-dash HMI displays, and media systems.

Infotainment system in automobiles plays a critical role for OEMs to differentiate their products and gain a competitive advantage over other firms. Also with increasing autonomy in automobiles driver doesn’t have to remain engaged in the driving activity thus it increases the time for the driver and passengers, in this scenario infotainment has become an important element in the car.

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