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Michigan DOT utilizing INRIX traffic services to monitor, measure and manage the state’s road network

INRIX, a connected car services and transportation analytics company has announced that the Michigan Department of Transportation (DOT) is now utilizing INRIX traffic services to monitor, measure and manage the state’s road network.

The three-year agreement helps Michigan DOT reduce the cost of operations, identify areas that benefit most from road improvements, and more accurately report the impact of transportation investments.

INRIX is helping Michigan DOT manage its road network with access to on-demand data to analyze, visualize and understand performance without the need for additional technology investments.

The state can also identify, compare, and monitor locations to help prioritize road improvement efforts. INRIX, in collaboration with University of Maryland’s CATT Lab, also provides powerful analytics empowering transportation planners to perform before and after studies; quantify and communicate the impact of road projects; monitor and identify performance trends on roadways; produce and report key performance indicators on travel times and congestion reduction; and monitor, compare and adjust construction zones to minimize the impact on traffic flow.

INRIX will also supply real-time and historical traffic data to the Michigan DOT in support of its traffic management and operations. INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow leverages anonymous, real-time GPS data from millions of connected vehicles and devices to deliver the broadest and most accurate traffic information on freeways, highways, interstates and major arterial roads. INRIX enables transportation agencies to monitor live traffic data including roadway name, time, current speed, typical speed and travel time.

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