Magna launches a video-based child-monitoring system

Magna International has launched a video-based child-monitoring system, an industry-first feature to increase safety for drivers and passengers based on Magna’s EYERIS camera technologies. The system recently debuted on a new minivan at the 2017 North American International Auto Show.


The child-monitoring feature provides front passengers with a clear, undistorted view of the backseat area on a display screen. A digital, megapixel camera located over the rear seat provides parents and other caregivers a top-down view of children in the rear seats. Even at low-light or dark conditions, passengers are illuminated by an infrared LED light and can clearly be seen on the screen.

In addition, the minivan includes an EYERIS rearview camera, which assists the driver while reversing the vehicle. Rearview cameras will become mandatory in the United States for all light-passenger vehicles in 2018.

Magna is a leading company in camera-based driver-assistance systems, and has been developing innovative driver-assistance systems for more than 25 years. In-cabin passenger monitoring is the latest driver-assist technology from Magna, which supplies systems to more than 60 percent of major automakers around the world.

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