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Lyft partners with nuTonomy bring first self-driving service to Boston

Lyft has got into a partnership with nuTonomy. nuTonomy is an MIT spin-off, based in Boston and works on autonomous vehicle technology. It is also credited with launching its autonomous taxi service in Singapore. While Lyft is a San Francisco based transportation network company.

It is the third major deal Lyft has entered into after Waymo and GM. The company is entering into partnerships with the key players in the automotive ecosystem and its future looks very promising. The intention behind this partnership with nuTonomy is to bring their autonomous vehicles to the Lyft network. With this partnership, nuTonomy will power the first autonomous vehicles on Lyft’s network with its software system and algorithm for urban driving.


The first stage of the partnership will be focused on research and development (R&D) around the understanding and optimisation of the passenger experience. Future stages of the collaboration could lead to thousands of nuTonomy cars on the Lyft platform, as both the companies work together. However, it must be noted that no money is changing hands and it is based completely on mutual benefit.

nuTonomy has also got a partnership with PSA for autonomous vehicle testing in Singapore which ultimately may help integrate nuTonomy’s tech in a range of PSA vehicles that can eventually be run on ride-hailing platforms like Lyft. But the company will be employing Renault Zoe EVs for the initial phase now.

The companies have informed that their pilot will kick off in Boston, Mass., nuTonomy’s home base, in the coming months. Lyft says its mission is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation and it sees the future as one where car ownership is optional, cities are designed for people instead of cars, traffic disappears, and every seat in every car is filled.

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