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Lixar expands LWAYVE platform to enable audio-based in-car experience

Lixar announced has expanded its platform LWAYVE to enable an audio-based in-car experience, by leveraging Android Auto. Passengers will now be able to stay connected to their favourite lifestyle brands from wherever they are; outside or inside the vehicle.

LWAYVE delivers contextual audio relevant for a user’s current time, location, and situation through location-driven logic.

According to AAA, the average American spends 17,600 minutes in a car each year. With so much time spent on the road, there is higher expectation for a valued in-car experience – one that is hands-free and lessens distraction.

Drivers want meaningful audio experiences that adapt to their individual needs – personalized, dynamic information that connects them with their interests. Auto manufacturers want a direct channel to their customers and insights in terms of pathways and preferences.

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