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Liberty Mutual announces expansion of personalized insurance offerings

Liberty Mutual has announced an expansion of personalized insurance offerings providing additional value to existing and new customers.  These new products use innovative technology to help you become a better, safer driver and ultimately worry less on the road.liberty-insurance-twire

Safe driving meets gamification with Liberty Mutual’s new, free HighwayHero app. The HighwayHero app tracks and scores driving behavior, providing feedback after trips so the app is never a distraction. Users can track their progress, see how they stack up against other local drivers on city leaderboards and win achievement badges such as “Safest Driver.” Drivers in 16 states are currently eligible for discounts from Liberty Mutual based on their scores.
As expectations for personalization and customized offers increase, Liberty Mutual is also announcing expansion of its new “pay as you drive” insurance, ByMile, offering lower premiums for those who drive their car less. When enrolled in ByMile, the premium is directly determined by the amount of miles driven each month. The program is currently available in Illinois and will be expanded to additional states throughout 2017.

Liberty Mutual is also rolling out their new RightTrack Mobile app to the following states next month (Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin) with several more by the end of 2017.  RightTrack is Liberty Mutual’s usage-based insurance program that lets customers save on their auto insurance based on their driving habits. You can observe your driving behavior for free through the RightTrack app on your smartphone. The app offers timely driving feedback and tips while helping to reduce insurance premiums—up to 30 percent—for safe drivers.

Subaru drivers in select states can now access RightTrack through their SUBARU STARLINK™ systems and receive insurance discounts after a 30 day test period. RightTrack is now available in most 2015 or newer Subaru vehicles and most models equipped with SUBARU STARLINK. STARLINK In-Vehicle Technology is all the audio, infotainment and connected service features available in Subaru vehicles.

While Liberty Mutual is driving telematics-based app innovation, there is also demand for more flexible insurance programs with rewards and incentive-based discounts. According to Accenture Strategy, 80 percent of insurance consumers are looking for personalized offers, messages, pricing and recommendations from their auto, home or life insurance providers.1 Using the information from telematics-based apps like HighwayHero and RightTrack allows Liberty Mutual Insurance to cater to this desire for personally tailored advice, information and even policies. It also helps foster a positive relationship between Liberty Mutual and their customers and will hopefully lead to safer roads.

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