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LG Electronics demonstrates safety technologies for autonomous driving

LG Electronics demonstrated safety technologies for autonomous driving using its long-term evolution-based vehicle-to-everything technologies on the public roads in Gwacheon city, Korean Dailies have reported.

It is known that LTE-based V2X connects vehicles to vehicles, vehicles to infrastructure and vehicles to pedestrians through LTE network. Thus it makes the traffic environment safer and more convenient by enabling cars to exchange traffic information alongside nearby car information like location, direction and speed, to avoid collision in advance.

LG-Self-driving car-telematicswire
LG Electronics demonstrates safety technologies for autonomous driving using LTE

The two safety technologies demonstrated by the company, first warning about cars emergency braking ahead, this technology sends a warning message to the driver when a car in front suddenly reduces its speed and thus prevents collision. Another technology warns about construction work ahead, so the cars can avoid the construction site and preventing any inconvenience.

LG is working with a number of companies on advanced vehicles technologies. The company is working with chipmaker Qualcomm to develop a range of next-generation connected car solutions and will also establish a joint research center in South Korea to develop 5G for vehicle and C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything) technologies essential to the success of next-generation autonomous vehicles.

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