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ITS World Congress: Autoliv introduces Electronic Horizon for connected transportation

Published: October 07, 2015 | Bordeaux, France

Autoliv announced the market introduction of its Electronic Horizon ( not to be confused with Continental’s e-Horizon) module which provides beyond-line-of-sight road context and information to safety and efficiency systems at the 22nd Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) World Congress being held this week in Bordeaux, France.

Autoliv’s introduction of its Electronic Horizon module is a direct benefit of its acquisition of the Automotive business of MACOM announced in July.

Electronic Horizon uses selected road data attributes from a digital map database, GNSS (GPS) and inertial sensors for precise vehicle positioning, and software algorithms to identify safety and energy efficiency attributes.  These combine to provide a predictive context of the road ahead of the vehicle. Autoliv’s implementation results in a credit card size module designed to meet automotive safety specifications and operating independently from any other onboard system.

The stand-alone Electronic Horizon module is designed for low cost fleet-wide vehicle implementations. The module is compatible with future vehicle needs including wired and wireless vehicle interfaces with cloud computing for incremental map updates and is capable of delivering data to customer specific applications. Autoliv is demonstrating some of these advanced features at its exhibit in the ITS World Congress.

Autoliv’s Horizon module is available for development as well as production platforms immediately.

Source: Autoliv

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