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ITS in Australia to support V2X and assist in parking

Published: 26 October 2016

Siemens has announced the launch of Intelligent Transport System technology in Australia. The launch was synchronized with global ITS World Congress, held in Melbourne last week where Siemens, along with its demonstration partners NXP, showcased vehicle to infrastructure technology to help ease congestion and improve safety.

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“We are excited to launch intelligent traffic solutions that are already minimising traffic jams, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and cutting CO2 emissions in other parts of the world, here in Australia,” said Max Eichhorn, the Head of Siemens Mobility (rail and transport infrastructure) Division.

“As the existing infrastructure faces greater demand, we are focused on helping governments and councils optimise data and existing transportation infrastructure – to make journeys safer, more efficient and with less environmental impact.”

The company’s ITS portfolio includes the Sitraffic One traffic light, an intelligent sensor-based parking system, which detects the urban parking space and gives drivers information on the parking situation, and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology. The V2X technology is a cooperative system that optimises existing infrastructure through communication and automation, enabling vehicles to communicate with one another, with control centres and with the roadside infrastructure.

Eichhorn added that in this age the digitization of transport has become essential and to ensure better productivity and smoother transport, Siemens has launched this ITS system.

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