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Iowa DoT to utilize INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns and real-time traffic services

INRIX has announced the immediate global availability of INRIX Safety Alerts, a new product suite that provides real-time insight to on roadways to inform drivers and make roadways safer.

The Safety Alerts product suite – made up of INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns, INRIX Incidents and INRIX Road Weather – collects real-time data from vehicles and range of other sources to help drivers around the world avoid sudden stops, accidents and hazardous road conditions, and aids transportation agencies in managing their road networks better.


INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns is a newly launched service in INRIX XD Traffic that helps prevent back-of-queue, rear-end collisions where rapidly forming congestion creates a situation that requires advanced driver awareness. Based on real-time data from vehicles on the road, the location-based notifications warn drivers and transportation agencies of sudden reductions in speed or stopped traffic on the roadway.

INRIX Incidents keeps drivers and transportation planners informed about congestion, accidents and construction on the road. Using more than 400 data sources, Incidents provides the most comprehensive and accurate global dataset of anomalous roadway conditions. According to an independent study by Frost & Sullivan, INRIX Traffic had a 100% detection rate of the recorded incidents, followed distantly by competing services.

INRIX Road Weather is the first service to use real-time and predictive atmospheric data to give drivers advance warning of dangerous weather-related road conditions tied to individual road segments. Unlike other services, Road Weather provides drivers with critical information about the roads themselves, including the type of precipitation, surface condition (including hard to detect black ice) and visibility. The identification of hazardous road conditions can also be utilized by transportation officials for real-time management of road networks or advanced maintenance planning.

Iowa Department of Transportation is the first to utilize INRIX Dangerous Slowdowns, along with other INRIX real-time traffic services, to monitor, measure and manage the state’s road network.

With real-time information on more than five million miles of road in 45 countries, INRIX is the preferred provider of driving intelligence for leading automakers and transportation agencies, including Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, more than 60 U.S. Departments of Transportation, the U.K. Highways Agency and the Denmark Road Authority.

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