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inthinc University: online platform for training and troubleshooting support


USA: inthinc Technology Solutions has launched inthinc University, an extensive online platform of inthinc resources for training and troubleshooting support. In addition, inthinc has announced it will now be offering the support of the Data Services team to its customers.

inthinc University features an easy-to-navigate troubleshooting page for individual cases, complete with discussion forums to seek help from inthinc experts and users. In addition, inthinc University offers self-paced certification programs for technicians, administrators and fleet managers to learn the ins-and-outs of the inthinc hardware, software and portal.

inthinc University, headed by Scott Vecchiarelli, director of training and development, is a robust online library of resources, offering a centralized source of information designed to educate customers, technicians and employees. With content for best practices and inthinc information, users are able to easily locate inthinc training materials, certification courses and product update information.

“With inthinc University, customers now have easy access to our extensive library of regularly updated resources and training information. Administrators can find everything they need to run an effective fleet,” said Vecchiarelli.

The inthinc Data Services team, under the helm of Casey Johnson, director of business intelligence, will assist customers in creating customized reports to better suit their needs, in addition to the already extensive data provided by the web-based management portal.

“We have several highly trained IT experts gathering customer data to identify trends and demonstrate its value. The team will use the incredible amount of data available to improve processes and assist customers in creating customized KPI and ROI reports that address unique business initiatives,” said Johnson.

inthinc Data Services will act as a for-hire team available to all inthinc costumers in need of additional data reporting. inthinc customers should contact their assigned account manager to discuss their current needs and determine how the inthinc Data Services Team can help.


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