Intangles releases Digital Twinning (DT) solution

Intangles has released Digital Twinning (DT) solution using Hybrid Analytics in Vehicle Life Cycle Management. Through digital twinning, Intangles creates virtual sensors for automobile components, thus predicting performance and failures, which are generally too late to detect or lead to vehicle breakdown.

Intangles has deployed its Digital Twinning solution, Ingenious, to help manage the Life Cycle of Vehicles by predicting and interrogating data from vehicles. The company has established its own set of algorithms that allow fleet operators to keep track of performance of the vehicle in real time.

Combining Deep Learning with Physics-based modeling, Ingenious predicts component-level failures by analyzing sensor data. The data gathered through their proprietary hardware feeds into the Physics + Deep Learning-based model, which transforms the data into a much higher realm where certain target features allow the algorithms to predict the health of the vehicle under

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