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Insurance Telematics: Insure The Box detects fraudulent claims

Published :21 October 2016

Insure The box, a telematics based car insurance company was successful in saving as much as £50,000 as it could detect and reject fraudulent claims.


Company had used telematics data for the first time in 2014 when it was able to bust a false claim resulting from a staged accident. telematics gives such strong evidence that it is not very easy for the fraudsters to escape any such attempt.

Telematics data is just one piece of the
jigsaw when we are conducting claims investigations but it is a very powerful piece that puts us at a distinct advantage over the rest of the industry,” said Adrian Steele, group claims director of Insure The Box.

“In this case, the veracity of the data enabled us to create a strong defence which would have left the claimant and his legal team with little confidence about the outcome if the case was tried before a judge,” he added.

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