INFINITI enhances ADAS, Infotainment features in Q50 premium sports sedan

INFINITI has enhanced the Q50 premium sports sedan, which made its global debut at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show.

Apart from interior and exterior features the there has been enhancements in features like in-car connectivity, infotainment, and driver assistance features.

These includes a feature called InTouch, which allows occupants to personalize the interior environment according to their preferences, and it can store profiles for multiple drivers, identified by their I-key (intelligent key). This includes an easy entry and exit assist system. Based on the profile detected on the I-key, the Q50 moves the driver’s seat to the most rearward position and the steering wheel up and out of the way for comfortable ingress or egress, before automatically returning both to the custom memory setting.


The Q50 also offers an available 16-speaker, Bose Performance Series sound system. Featuring advanced staging technology, the signal processing algorithm designed especially for this system delivers a precise, rich and nuanced acoustic experience for driver and passengers. Bose’s CenterPoint 2.0 software, the Q50’s audio system enables listeners to enjoy a surround-sound experience from any stereo source. It has been specifically engineered to meet the unique demands of reproducing surround sound in the sedan.

New Q50 packages driver support technologies under ProPILOT banner. These technologies are underpinned by Direct Adaptive Steering system, a building block for future semi-autonomous drive development

“INFINITI has introduced a number of world-first innovations through the Q50 in recent years. As INFINITI’s best-selling model, the Q50 has always embodied our commitment to make driver-empowering technologies accessible to a large number of customers. The new model will let customers benefit from the latest advances in active safety with our driver support technologies.” Roland Krueger, President of INFINITI

The INFINITI Q50 sports sedan delivers an empowering and rewarding drive thanks to a range of innovative powertrains and next-generation technologies to enhance ride and handling.

New for 2018, the Q50 is expected to be the first INFINITI vehicle to package all of the company’s driver support technologies under the ProPILOT banner.

Allowing drivers to retain ultimate control over their vehicle, INFINITI’s available driver support technologies empower drivers, giving confidence to them rather than replacing them. These technologies support more onerous driving tasks, like easy navigation in highway conditions or keeping track of the position of surrounding vehicles.

Driver assistance technologies in the new Q50 includes Direct Adaptive Steering; Active Lane Control; Intelligent Cruise Control; Distance Control Assist; Backup Collision Intervention; Blind Spot Warning and Intervention; Lane Departure Warning and Prevention; Forward Emergency Braking; and Predictive Forward Collision Warning.

It’s second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering is a steer-by-wire system that supports the driver by providing smooth operation, more direct steering responses and easy maneuverability. Direct Adaptive Steering is a precursor to future steering systems that will form a key building block on the way to achieving fully-autonomous driving.

The system does away with mechanically linked parts, instead of employing digital components to improve steering reactions and feedback. The electronic connection between components means reactions to driver input are instantaneous.

The new Direct Adaptive Steering system provides customization options accessed through the Drive Mode Selector. Using controls on the center console, the Drive Mode Selector allows the steering response to be selected from six available options: Personal, Standard, Snow, Eco, Sport and Sport+. Standard mode is more akin to that of a conventional steering system.

The Q50’s available Active Lane Control system works with Direct Adaptive Steering to maximize safety on highways, activating automatically above 45 mph. It uses a camera system to detect the Q50’s position on the road and is able to prevent the Q50 from straying from its lane.

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