Automotive Cybersecurity

Industry leaders join hands to develop CAN Data Diode that eliminates the connected ELD device as a remote cyberattack surface

A consortium of industry leaders in vehicle cybersecurity has come together to develop the CAN Data Diode. The CAN Data Diode is a hardware device that prevents communication from the ELD to a commercial vehicle, virtually eliminating the connected ELD device as a remote cyberattack surface. It is essentially a hardware firewall for connected vehicles.

The National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Inc. (NMFTA), the University of Tulsa, Irdeto, Geotab, DG Technologies and other industry experts are collaborating to identify and validate possible commercial applications such as securing Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs).
ELDs are now mandatory for most carriers operating in the US and will soon be required in Canada. With more countries adopting this technology, it is critical to protect it from tampering and attacks from hackers who will look for weak entry points in today’s connected vehicles.
Mandatory, connected ELDs could be a common target for cyberattacks as many typically do not include even basic cybersecurity. The CAN Data Diode is designed exactly for this type of ELD-specific device installation. It eliminates all possible communication to the vehicle network from the ELD device and restricts data from the vehicle to only devices that meet the ELD mandate.

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