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Hyundai’s self driving cars in 2020

According to some media reports, Hyundai’s self driving cars will be launched within three years. The company has confirmed that it will debut an autonomous driving system for highway usage by 2020.

Hyundai Motor Company Presents Self Driving Vehicle
Hyundai Motor Company Presents Self Driving Vehicle

Among all the companies engaged in this endeavor, Hyundai has the most affordable range of products. But unlike
its competitors the initial release of its system will be able to accelerate, brake, steer, change lanes and detect any obstacle automatically for an extended period of time, but on highways only.

Hyundai self-driving car will only be able to drive fully autonomously in ideal weather conditions and on roads with clear lane markings as it is easier to successfully calibrate a self-driving car in controlled nature of highways with fewer traffic lights and cross traffic.

Hyundai had set out the development of its autonomous technology in 2010 and It had revealed its Autonomous Ioniq Concept at last year’s Los Angeles motor show.



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