Automotive Cybersecurity

Hyundai Mobis Co joins Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center

More and more companies are recognizing the threats related to Automotive cybersecurity and are taking steps to combat it.

Hyundai Mobis Co has become a regular member of the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC).


Auto-ISAC was founded by 15 global automakers in July 2015 and is a private consultative group that collaborates on cybersecurity by sharing information in real time at the moment when there is a growing threat to car hacking which allows hackers to open a vehicle’s door and start an engine by duplicating a smart key.

There is a provision of regular meetings which takes place four times aAuto-ISAC-T'wire year. The member companies provide intelligence and information about car cybersecurity incidents via online and offline. The incidences shared by the members is analyzed by the group and the current system’s vulnerabilities, hackers’ attack patterns and risks and creates the guidelines are studied to gain insight and hence overcome the potential cyber threats.

Hyundai Mobis joining the group will strengthen its cybersecurity system which can help it to respond  in a timely manner to the cyber threats under the recognition and there by preventing it before it reaches advanced forms.

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