Hitachi Automotive Systems’ ADAS ECU used in Mitsubishi Motors’ eK Series

Hitachi Automotive Systems Advanced Driver Assistance System Electronic Control Unit (ADAS ECU) was selected for use in Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s eK Series vehicles, the company announced.

eK Series vehicles refers to three models: the eK Wagon, eK Custom and eK Space. The company will  launch these vehicles with improved preventative safety functions is a mini vehicle that went on sale in May of 2018.

ADAS ECU controls all functions of numerous advanced driving support systems, such as the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system, the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system, the Lane Departure Warning system (LDW), etc., within a single controller.

As a standard feature, Mitsubishi Motors’ eK Series is equipped with autonomous emergency braking systems that reduce damage or avoid collisions with alarms and automatic breaks whenever there is a danger of collision with preceding vehicles or pedestrians.

Also, in addition to the AEB system that prevents collisions and the already existing erroneous start prevention feature (when driving forward), advanced driving systems such as collision mitigation avoidance assistance for drivers who accidentally press the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal, with added capabilities for driving in reverse or avoiding pedestrians (when driving forward), are equipped on all models.

These vehicles are aimed at elderly drivers and equipped with advanced technology that supports safe driving. They meet the nationally recommended new safety concept of “Safety Support Car S (Support Car S) Basic Plus.”

Also, the upper model with standard equipment is also equipped with the LDW system that isplays a warning light on the driver’s meter and warning sounds to the driver in the case of an unintentional lane departure, and meets the “Support Car S Wide.”

Hitachi Automotive Systems is supporting these Support Car S vehicles’ preventative safety functions with ADAS ECU technology.

Source: Press Release


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