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HERE to launch sensor data-driven platform for connected cars

Published: 10 October 2016

Mapping giant HERE is all set to launch a sensor data-driven platform for connected cars which will be the meeting point of ADAS, autonomous cars and smart cities.

HERE claims that its service will crowd source maps data from sensor rich connected vehicle.

The service will collect data from cameras, ultrasonic sensors and radar and generate real time information for the drivers giving them peace of mind while driving.


The service will be launched in 2017 and will enable the users to have a beyond GPS experience, claims HERE. The service will make use of HERE Real-time traffic service, HERE Hazard Warning system, HERE Road Signs, HERE On-Street Parking system to provide accurate and real-time information.

It’s a highly collaborative effort in which HERE will provide APIs to automakers, road authorities, local municipalities, app developers, and smartphone makers. On the other hand, carmakers will provide libraries of sensor data to HERE for creating the real-time traffic analytics.

The service will start with BMW, Audi and Mercedes, however, other car-makers are also allowed to contribute the information regarding traffic flow. As per the industry experts the ADAS system is a prelude to autonomous cars which HERE is planning to design.

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