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HERE Mobility opens their Mobility Marketplace in London

HERE Mobility, has opened their Mobility Marketplace in London, merging London’s transportation services onto one platform, with live schedule updates, pricing comparisons, and booking options.

The HERE Mobility Marketplace improves the ease with which mobility providers can serve transit demand and alleviate congested transit systems, providing a single point of access where all riders and all mobility suppliers are completely connected.

The platform offers cities and transit planners a deep dive into smart routing options to avoid congestion, addressing mobility challenges, improving quality of life, and helping businesses understand and meet customers’ mobility needs, while providing mobility suppliers access to the widest market possible.

London is heralded as a Smart City, with one of the most expansive and in-demand transportation networks but despite the many ways to go from A to B, Londoners still have the longest average commute by time across all of Great Britain and transit is 6% over-capacity during AM peak hours.

Now businesses looking to facilitate mobility services to their customers, can now integrate the HERE Mobility Marketplace into their offering, providing door-to-door customer service. The platform will debut as a physical transit kiosk at the London Tech Week conference, where attendees can connect directly to the Mobility Marketplace and book travel from the widest offering of mobility providers available in their city, helping people travel to their destinations seamlessly.

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