HELLA is showcasing its innovative solutions at NAIAS 2018

HELLA is showcasing its innovative solutions at the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The company will have a demo vehicle at AutoMobili-D equipped with many of its latest autonomous driving solutions, including enhanced sensor, camera and lighting technologies, which are crucial components of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and help OEMs create safer and more intelligent vehicles.


HELLA’s solutions on its demo vehicle include:

  • Its 77GHz radar sensors, which offer precise 360-degree environment recognition for detection of objects – from cars to bicyclists to pedestrians. This capability is necessary for fully autonomous driving and parking, and is made possible through the sensors’ compact design.
  • The SHAKE (Structural Health and Knock Emission) sensor, which provides vehicles a new level of awareness by enabling them to feel their surroundings. The technology detects structure-borne sound waves generated by contact or knocks on the vehicle body, such as early parking damages, through a piezoelectric foil.
  • Its Multi Lens Array (MLA) technology, a type of light projection, that utilizes 170 micro projection lenses to generate graphics onto the ground. HELLA’s light projections with MLA technology can project sharp, homogenous images and graphics onto the ground up to 13 feet beyond the vehicle, even on rough surfaces. The projected graphics can be multi-colored, elongated and even animated shapes of images, such as logos and letters, to offer OEMs and consumers new possibilities in safety, comfort and design. Another key benefit is the projection’s ability to remain in place without interruption when drivers and passengers open and close the vehicle’s doors.
  • HELLA’s ADAS Camera Software, developed by HELLA Aglaia, which is a modular solution that is flexible and scalable in design to support the rollout of ADAS in volume as well as highly automated functions. The production-ready software for level three and four autonomous driving fits both OEM-owned and third party-owned IP platforms, and works through learning-based algorithms to detect light sources, traffic signs, pedestrians vehicles and more.

Along with its demo vehicle, HELLA will host a booth at AutoMobili-D that features the company’s technology investment group, HELLA Ventures, and many of their partnerships focused on the development of advanced technologies. Its presence at AutoMobili-D will highlight the company’s leadership in advancing critical industry trends like autonomous driving, connectivity & digitalization, efficiency & electrification, individualization, and creating new partnerships.

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