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Google may launch a ride sharing service

It is being speculated that Google might be setting up an autonomous ride-sharing network and might be launching it as a service very soon. Although Google has its self-driving car, the company has not deployed this technology for commercial utility. The company reportedly has filed for a new patent with the USPTO which has triggered such rumors.waymo-twire

It is being reported by certain sections of media that Google apparently intends to use the self-driving cars in a completely autonomous mode for its ride sharing service.

One of the problem with self-driving vehicles is that they can not drive themselves to every location. Google has tried to address this issue with this patent. Google says a centralized dispatching system would be there which would provide a set of suggested locations for safe pick-ups, waiting, or drop-offs when the destination and pickup point is entered by the user. These suggested locations may include those provided by the user and convenient nearby locations. As such, the patented technology increases the “availability, safety, and usefulness of the services of autonomous vehicles,” Google’s application read.

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