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GM’s self-driving car division hires two famed car hackers

GM’s self-driving car division has hired two famed car hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. These hackers had got attention when they hacked a Jeep in 2015 and were able to stop it remotely. These hackers were hired then by Uber. Later Miller joined Didi Chuxing to head security and safety development team while Valasek stayed at Uber.


But now both the hackers have been hired by Cruise, which began as a San Francisco-based autonomous vehicle company and bought by GM for more than $1 billion last year. Automotive security has come up as a challenge for the automakers. As the cars are getting more and more connected more vulnerable they become to hacking and menaces related to it.

To combat hacking there is a need to develop systems right from their inception stage with considerations from the security point of view. Automakers are therefore trying to develop self-driving car technology in-house. They are roping in companies and startups working in this field through partnerships and acquisitions. Apart from GM acquiring Cruise, another automaker Ford has invested in Argo AI, a software developing company for self-driving cars.

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