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GM plans to launch autonomous ride sharing within 2 years

General Motors has made public its plan to launch commercial fleet of autonomous cars in 2019. The company revealed this during an interaction with its investors. With this announcement GM has become another major company after Waymo, that has plans to launch self driving taxis.

Self driving cars have a huge money generating potential multiple times of that of conventional cars generate today. GM President Dan Ammann told the investors during the interaction that the lifetime revenue generation of one of its self-driving cars could eventually be in the several hundred thousands of dollars while the company collects $30,000 on average per vehicle from the initial sale, Reuters reported.
GM plans to launch commercial fleet of autonomous cars in 2019
GM has emerged as the leading company working on the autonomous cars, the company has not looked back after it acquired startup Cruise automation in the year 2016 for $1 billion. GM has also got breakthrough in being able to design first mass producible autonomous car. The manufacturing prowess of the company has put the GM way ahead of technology companies like Waymo, Uber etc that despite developing the required technology need auto manufacturers as partners for profitably mass manufacturing cars. The leading position of the company is also corroborated by the recent surge in its share prices.
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