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GM acquires LIDAR technology company Strobe

General Motors has emerged as one of the front-runners in developing autonomous cars, the company had last month announced to have built the first mass-producible self-driving car. Accelerating its efforts in this direction the company has now acquired LIDAR technology company Strobe, Inc.

GM acquires LIDAR technology company Strobe

The motive behind this acquisition is to improve the cost and capabilities of its vehicles and thus moving closer to its goal to launch first self-driving cars as LIDARs are indispensable when it comes to self-driving cars. LIDAR uses light to create high-resolution images that provide a more accurate view of the world than cameras or radar alone. As self-driving technology continues to evolve, LIDAR’s accuracy will play a critical role in its deployment. As part of the deal, Strobe’s engineering talent joins GM’s Cruise Automation team to develop next-generation LIDAR solutions for self-driving vehicles.

Not long ago, the technology companies like Google (Waymo), Uber, Tesla were seen as the firms that would be the first to launch autonomous cars, but the game now has quickly shifted in favor of traditional automakers. The manufacturing muscle, deep pockets, intelligent investments, and acquisitions have put the automakers like GM, Ford, and Daimler at the top position. This fact is substantiated by a report by Navigant Research also.

‘Leadership board” from the report
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