Future of automotive seating shown by Adient AI18 demonstrator at IAA

Advent of autonomous vehicle will not be only about the technological changes in the way the car moves but also how it interacts with the passangers, interior of such cars will be very much part of  it. At this year’s International Motor Show (IAA), Adient one of the leading suppliers of automotive seats, demonstrated convertible interior for automated urban vehicles, AI18.


As the drivers will become riders along with passengers, and they will find additional time for things that are more valuable in their lives. In the AI18, Adient has identified solutions for five key usage scenarios for future autonomous vehicles. They are as follows:

    • Lounge mode provides optimal comfort and relaxation for one or two passengers.
    • Communication mode allows the vehicle to become a mobile meeting space.
    • Cargo mode provides easily accessible storage space behind the front seats for larger boxes or bags.
    • Baby plus mode addresses the needs of parents with babies and small children.
    • Family mode is the closest representation of a conventional vehicle interior, it accommodates four passengers.

Adient’s AI18 demonstrates numerous smart solutions. Seat-setting preferences can be stored in an app and restored automatically upon vehicle entry. The smart command panel integrated into the driver’s seat provides intuitive and easy usage settings using gesture control. Additionally, integrated health monitoring features can measure breathing and heart rate, providing valuable feedback to enable smart management of passenger health while sitting comfortably on the seat.

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