Ford Global Technologies patents an off-road autonomous driving system

US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Ford Global Technologies a patent for an off-road autonomous driving system. According to the patent, the system would utilize wide-ranging sensors like radars, Lidar, and cameras, it will also have detectors to detect road conditions, which will be supported by data like topographic maps etc. The vehicle system includes a processor with access to a memory storing instructions executable by the processor.

Ford Global Technologies gets a patent for an off-road autonomous driving system

Based on the data received from the sensors the system determines whether an autonomous host vehicle can traverse an environmental obstacle and if the autonomous host vehicle can traverse the environmental obstacle, the autonomous tech in accordance with the environmental obstacle controls an active suspension system that helps the autonomous host vehicle to traverse the environmental obstacle.

Autonomous cars are being tested successfully on the public roads but for the technology to be adopted on a large scale needs to have the ability to navigate through other not so normal conditions as well, the automakers fully understand this and are thus working to push the limits of this technology.

                                                                               A flowchart explaining the system
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