Flux Auto aims to make autonomous driving technology affordable more widely available in trucks

A startup in India, Flux Auto aims to make autonomous driving technology more widely available for truck operators at a significantly lower cost, TechCrunch reported. Of late there has been a lot of debate on employing autonomous technology in trucks and a number of companies are working on it, the list includes Uber, Waymo, and Tesla.

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The self-driving technology in trucks can not only improve the safety but also boosts efficiency bringing economic gains too. The solutions offered by the companies till now requires an expensive kit that isn’t deployable on all vehicles. But a Bangalore based startup is developing technology that, when finished, could enable any kind of truck to be retrofitted with self-driving car technology at a far lower price.

Flux Auto is a 16-person start-up that hopes to make a difference by democratizing autonomous systems. The technology being developed by the company doesn’t use Lidar, which is being seen as an indispensable element in autonomous vehicles but is very expensive. The company wishes to keep its product in the range of $3000-4000 so it is using cameras along with other sensors like sonar, radar, ultrasonic to sense. It is being claimed that the system being developed would be able to handle cruise control, lane keeping, and collision avoidance. Flux Auto aims to deploy its tech on 2,500 vehicles within the next twelve months.

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