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FlexGPS to work with ERM and its StarLink solutions, aims to expand its Fleet Management service

ERM Advanced Telematics’s StarLink telematics solution is enabling FlexGPS to expand its fleet management service offering across North and Latin America.

FlexGPS began working with the StarLink telematics device-based solutions from ERM, FlexGPS has expanded its business with double-digit sequential growth, widened its portfolio of fleet management services and entered new markets, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.


FlexGPS decided to work with ERM and its StarLink solutions in order to capture a wider range of telematics data that can be leveraged for new and improved fleet management services.

In order to provide advanced and value added services, FlexGPS has also deployed numerous add-on solutions from ERM that are integrated with the base StarLink device. For instance, FlexGPS is using ERM’s eSafe accessory to offer driver monitoring services, which contains a black box for recreating accidents and other driving incidents and includes over 30 predefined vehicle types and over 20 maneuver definitions for each vehicle type.

FlexGPS is also using ERM’s eData accessory, which is directly integrated with the vehicle’s CANBUS, to provide vehicle diagnostics monitoring. For these advanced services, alerts of threshold violations are sent by the StarLink device in real-time to both drivers and fleet managers for immediate action and are recorded for further analysis.

ERM’s StarLink line of telematics devices and solutions are built with a modular design, enabling additional features and accessories to be added at any time, even after a device has been installed on a vehicle. StarLink devices also include embedded processors and are designed to gather telematics information according to configurable rule-based models. The unique combination enables ERM’s solutions to be efficiently configured to support the business logic of nearly any fleet management or telematics service.

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