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Fleet Management @ Indian Oil Corporation

D K Sharma
Executive Director (Retail Sales)
Indian Oil Corporation Limited

D K Sharma

What are IOC’s o?ering for commercial fleet operators?

Indian Oil is the largest fuel retailer in India with more than 25000+ outlets spanning the entire length and breadth of the country. We have been serving commercial fleet operators through various propositions including our flagship XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program.

Can you share something more about fleet management through your XTRAPOWER Fleet Card?

XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program, launched in 2003, is a fleet management tool for optimizing fuel expenses. The program enables a fleet operator to buy fuel conveniently across Indian Oil retail outlets anywhere in the country. Fleet operators can set limits based on their fleet requirements and monitor consumption through a completely online interface. We provide the largest retail network for fuelling across India, even in remote locations.

What are the challenges in oil transport and how is vehicle tracking (VTS) helping in this?

Oil transportation through road has faced challenges from pilferage, adulteration, detour and safety. Initially when the tracking solution was adopted about 15 years ago, it was more of o?ine vehicle tracking and the charges are expensive. Once the industry moved from pilot stage to full implementation stage, the rates have also fallen down to support such requirement. Today, without Telematics, the Oil industry just can’t assure quality. Usage of tracking system has helped restrict detours, as the location of tanker is known on real time basis.

What percentage of oil tankers in IOC is fitted with vehicle tracking system?

Our tracking coverage is 100% now. We have about 25000 + trucks on contract covered under VTS system.

Is the use of VTS integrated with enterprise system of IOC? What are the benefits?

Yes. The data received by the central server on real time basis is available to all stake holders – Supply Points, Dealers, Field and State Team through a simple cloud based interface. Alerts and exceptions are generated for easy management too. This ensures that there are no en route diversions and helps us maintain quality at the retail outlets for end consumers.

What are the initiatives IOC has taken to address the pain points of commercial fleet segment?

In the last 13 years of our fleet management product – XTRAPOWER, we have understood that the fleet organizations require extensive and reliable network for managing their fuel requirements. Hence we have carefully chosen the outlets across the country for o?ering such services. We have pioneered the Networking concept in Indian fuel retail industry wherein a set of 16 facilities are assured to the fleet operator through a finer selection of retail outlets. We have 850 such outlets across the country, which caters to the needs of the commercial fleet segment – like – Safe parking, Driver rest room, etc.

We have also launched a new safe parking concept called XTRAPOWER Sarai for Drivers, which is similar to airport lounge services. The driver must swipe his XTRAPOWER Card to enter into the Lounge, alerts are automatically generated to inform the owner about the Entry or Exit of the truck in the Safe Parking area under surveillance of cctv. These XTRAPOWER Sarais are also having Dhaba, Self cooking facilities, Laundry and Bathing facilities. The first such Sarai was recently launched on NH8 and has been well received. We shall be expanding this facility to about 50 outlets across the country on all major National Highways and Truck halting points during the current financial year. In addition, for improving e?ciency for fleet operations, we provide guidance to customers for best locations for fuelling, tied up with various Aggregators Platforms for providing return load information, make custom developments for customers to meet their needs and also listen to the market for continuous developments.

What are the emerging trends in fuel management for large fleets?

The emerging trend is integration of various fleet management data like Fuel Transactions, Maintenance Transactions, Telematics Data into one user interface for Fleet Operator. The customer just needs to have one robust system capable of providing a single view for his entire fleet management. This is picking up globally and any
MNC logistics company setting up shop in India will need these features for managing their fleet in similar ways in India as well. We are building capability in our XTRAPOWER Program for meeting this trend.

Would you like to share some views with the Telematics Service Providers?

Yes. Of course. Our XTRAPOWER Program has robust backend and is integration friendly with any fleet system. We are exploring options to integrate fuel management solution with telematics to optimize fuelling and provide complete package to its fleet customers.

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