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FEV to demonstrate its ADAS annotation tool CES 2018

FEV, a powertrain and vehicle engineering company, will demonstrate its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Annotation Tool during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018.

Using a proprietary tool chain, FEV’s ADAS Annotation Tool processes data that has been manually identified, or labeled, through use of a movie. The information would then be continually fed into a vehicle’s Deep Neural Network (DNN), which “learns” to assign a label to certain objects, vehicles, pedestrians, sign, etc, via an auto-classifier.

FEV to demonstrate its ADAS annotation tool CES 2018
As the Annotation Tool database grows, so does the “knowledge” of the DNN, and its ability to identify, through the auto-classifier, an increasing number of labels. This provides autonomous vehicle software developers with a cost effective, and time saving tool, since fewer man-hours are required to build the label database.

Labeling is critical to smart vehicle development; therefore, FEV has created a proprietary labeling tool that contains a predefined label collection, including objects typically located on streets like traffic signs, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc. It provides auto-tracking of marked labels, and auto-labeling, looking toward Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a part of the future of automated driving.

The Annotation Tool supports deep learning of neural networks by integrating the movies’ database. Using high-powered PCs for deep learning, it also includes NVidia GPU acceleration. It is also Windows and Linux compatible, and its open architecture allows for further development.

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