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EasyPark Group announces beta version of ‘Find & Park’ for motorists in Rotterdam

EasyPark Group has announced the arrival of the beta version of ‘Find & Park’ for motorists in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Find & Park is a new parking guidance service which helps drivers find an available parking space in the city. The service guides the driver turn-by-turn along the optimal path to find available parking on the street, or in a garage close to their destination.

Using advanced algorithms to process various data sources including transaction data, device tracking data, sensor data and floating car data (to mention a few), EasyPark has been able to build a high-resolution map of parking availability in Rotterdam. Promising results from testing in Stockholm have the potential to reduce parking search times in Rotterdam as well.

Apart from Find & Park, the company also offers EasyPark app along with the Parking Dashboard tool for efficient parking data management and system optimization. Find & Park has already launched in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo.

Motorists in Rotterdam can now try the beta version of Find & Park for themselves within the existing EasyPark app, simply by tapping the ‘Find’ icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the home screen.

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