Didi Chuxing will soon start testing self-driving cars in California

Didi Chuxing will soon start testing self-driving cars in California, the company recently received permission from DMV. It is the 53rd company to receive a permit to test autonomous vehicles in California, under the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles regulations.

The company had last year opened its Silicon Valley offices focusing on artificial intelligence and security. It has been testing autonomous vehicles in China for some time.

It has also recently formed an alliance called D-Alliance” or the “Alliance” with 31 partners span the areas of OEM, parts and components manufacturing, EV services and digital map services. BAIC, Bosch, Continental, Geely, Toyota, Volkswagen Group China, are some of the prominent members. The alliance aims to bring together resources and the strengths of the new mobility sector to develop a full-capacity vehicle operator platform designed to embrace the upcoming transportation revolution.

With this in the background, it is also interesting to note the timing of the Chinese company getting permission to test its cars in the US when its main US rival Uber has been forced to suspend its driverless car programme across North America, following a fatal collision with a pedestrian in Arizona.

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