Dialog Semiconductor’s power management IC chipset for Renesas’ Automotive SoCs

Dialog Semiconductor has announced its power management IC chipset for the R-Car H3 automotive computing platform for driving support systems and in-vehicle infotainment systems. The power management chipset comprises the DA9063-A system PMIC and two sub PMICS, the DA9213-A and DA9214-A.


Dialog’s unique partitioning into system and sub PMICs, offers the advantages of scalability and flexibility while distributing the power dissipation in adverse temperature environments. The R-Car H3 platform will benefit from this flexibility because different SoC implementations require different combinations of system and sub PMICs, depending on the end application.

The combination of the two companies’ technologies furthers their collaboration, as Dialog is currently one of the preferred power solution providers in Renesas’ second-generation R-Car H2 platform, the industry-leading high performing SoC for automotive infotainment systems. The R-Car H3’s release realizes powerful automotive computing performance which now exceeds that of the predecessor R-Car H2 SoC.

The ability of Dialog’s PMICs to distribute power dissipation in adverse temperature environments is a key benefit to module makers. As the available area behind the infotainment module’s LCD screen becomes increasingly constrained, heat dissipation has become a critical factor when adding functionality


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