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Data of more than 540,000 vehicle tracking devices leaked

Data of more than 540,000 vehicle tracking devices belonging to company SVR Tracking was leaked, according to some reports. The leaked data includes device information, username/password, email addresses and other associated information. The leaked database also exposed 339 logs, data about vehicle status maintenance records, along with a document with information on the dealerships.


The criticality of the leaked information can be understood by the fact that anyone with the username and password can track the vehicle real time as well as know its travel information of the past 120 days. Kromtech, a software development company was first to point out this issue.

It has been reported that leak happened because the Amazon S3 “bucket” in which the information was stored, had not been properly secured. Of late, there have been many instances where sensitive data stored on a misconfigured cloud server gets leaked. However, whether the information was accessed by hackers or not is not clear until now. It should be ensured that no such leaks happen in future as it leads to more apprehensions in the minds of the already hesitant consumers and acts as a hurdle for the adoption of technology.

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