Daimler, Bosch and NVIDIA join forces to bring fully automated and driverless vehicles to city streets

There are enormous benefits of mobility services built on autonomous vehicles. These AI-infused vehicles hold potential to improve traffic flow, enhance safety, and offer greater access to mobility. In addition, analysts predict the cost per mile to ride in a driverless car will be much cheaper.

Daimler, Bosch and NVIDIA have joined forces to bring fully automated and driverless vehicles to city streets. The aim is to unite each company’s strengths particularly NVIDIA‘s leadership in AI and self-driving platforms, Bosch’s hardware and system expertise as tier 1 supplier, brings its and Mercedes-Benz parent Daimler brings total vehicle expertise.

To enable autonomous vehicles on the city streets it requires a massive amount of computing performance to run the dozens of complex algorithms concurrently, executing within milliseconds so that the car can navigate safely and comfortably.

Under this contract, Nvidia will provide its Drive Pegasus platform powered by high performance AI automotive processors along with system software that will process the vehicle-driving algorithms generated by Bosch and Daimler using machine-learning methods.

NVIDIA DRIVE Pegasus is the AI supercomputer designed specifically for autonomous vehicles, delivering 320 TOPS (trillions of operations per second) to handle these diverse and redundant algorithms. At just the size of a license plate, it has the performance equivalent to six synchronized deskside workstations.

The high computing capacity and the huge number of operations to be performed mean that the ECU network needs to be cooled. Bosch and Daimler developed an efficient concept based on liquid cooling. In this jointly developed system for highly automated and driverless driving in cities, Mercedes-Benz intends to deploy battery-powered vehicles. These cars have a cooling system on board, so engineers can make the most of this legacy technology by integrating the ECU network into the battery cells’ advanced cooling circuit.

In April 2017, Bosch and Daimler announced they would be joining forces in an effort to put highly automated and driverless vehicles on city streets. This alliance is developing a driving system for use in vehicles that will be able to maneuver through city traffic driverlessly.

Source: Nvidia Blog

Source: Press Release


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