Continental tests its robo-taxi in Frankfurt

Continental recently tested its autonomous minibus, Cube in Frankfurt Germany. The purpose behind these trials is to identify all the essential technical requirements that enable safe, driverless passenger transport in urban areas. The company aims to find answers to questions about its product strategy and to deliver leading technology for individual mobility in the future – including driverless systems.


Continental being world’s leading supplier of ADAS and having access to an almost complete product portfolio of its own sensors, actuators, control units and communication and networking technology, has good chance to be a leading player in autonomous mobility market in the coming years. The company believes today’s advanced driver assistance systems provide the basis for the automated driving of the future.

Continental is using its full innovative prowess to drive forward this trend and is developing intelligent technologies that take over more and more driving functions. The company has said that it now exploring an adequate design of redundant brake systems and the optimal composition of the sensor platform for a robo-taxi.

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