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Connexion Media awarded gold status partner of Microsoft’s go-to market services

Connexion Media has been awarded gold status partner of Microsoft’s go-to market services. The award is a fo of its position in formal approval of the connected car market.


It is an endorsement of the group’s vehicle telematics solution and the company’s leading position in connected car SaaS sales globally. This also positions CXZ  to co-sell with Microsoft.

CXZ is a company based in Australia which develops and commercializes smart car software apps and services for internet-connected vehicles and mobile devices. It has two core products namely, Flex and miRoamer.

Flex is a smart car solution that can manage an entire fleet of vehicles from a mobile phone or computer, delivering cost efficiencies through reduced maintenance costs.While miRoamer is a next generation internet radio product that allows users to pick up radio stations from broad geographies, including international stations.

Other brands that have been awarded this status are Citrix, Docusign and HP.




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