Vehicle Telematics 2017 will attempt to look into the trends in automotive telematics, which over the last 3-4 years has been changing faster than anticipated. The pace of change is likely to accelerate with convergence of Fleet management, Government Policies, Fuel Monitoring, Driving Habits, Vehicle Health Monitoring, Preventive Maintenance, Modern Garage, etc. The conference sessions will help the participants explore the unfolding business opportunities in the domain of Vehicle Telematics.


Inaugural Session
09:30 - 09:40  Welcome Address
Maneesh Prasad
Telematics Wire
09:40 - 10:30  (Inaugural Session)
Bhim Wadhwa
All India Motor Transport Congress
10:30 - 11:30 Networking Tea/Coffee
Keynote Session
11:30 - 12:30  Keynote Session
Alex Jeng
Ex-VC & Board of Director
  K. K. Gandhi
Executive Director (Tech.)
Kapil Mahajan
Chief Information Officer
(Panel Discussion)

12:30 - 01:15  (Panel Discussion) Vehicle Telematics: Lowering Total Cost of Ownership
Real Time Tracking, Fuel Monitoring, Driving Habits, Fleet Management, Modern Garage

Markus Pfefferer
Managing Director - Asia Pacific
Ducker Worldwide
  V Nagaraja Rao
Head – Stores & Logistics
Ashok Leyland
Swadesh Srivastava
Director - Automation & Vehicle Design
Mohit Mehrotra
Vice President and Business Head
01:15 - 02:15 Networking Lunch
Technology Demonstration

02:15 - 02:30   Technology Demonstration
5 minutes video + 5 minutes Question & Answer

Lead Talk
02:30 - 03:15 Lead Talk
Umesh Madhyan
National Head-Logistics
Coca Cola
  Subbaramu Gundurao
General Manager
Robert Bosch
(Panel Discussion)

03:15 - 04:00  (Panel Discussion) Vehicle Telematics: Safety & Security
Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Passenger Safety, Government Policies, Infrastructure, Goods Safety

Dr. Ravinder S Minhas
Deputy Chief General manager(PR)
Delhi Transport Corporation
  Subrat Kar
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
IIT Delhi
Sakshi Vij
Founder & CEO
  Dr Kamal Soi
Member at National Road Safety Council
Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
Government of India
04:00 - 04:30 Networking Tea/Coffee
Lead Talks
04:30 - 05:15 Lead Talks
Dr. Madhusudan Joshi
International Centre for Automotive Technology
(Panel Discussion)

05:15 - 06:00 (Panel Discussion) Vehicle Telematics: Improved Services
Vehicle Health Monitoring, Remote Diagnostics, Preventive Maintenance, Telematics Sensors,

Sudeep Kumar Patra
Vice President
  Srini Racha
Manager - Connected Vehicle & Services
Ford Motor Company
Dr Kabir Rustogi
Principal Data Scientist
06:00 onwards Networking Cocktail & Snacks