Telematics Wire is an initiative of Aeyzed Media Services Pvt Ltd. At Telematics Wire, we are into documentation, resource/news portal, daily news letter and fortnightly e-magazine on the usage of automotive telematics. Telematics Wire organizes conferences and exhibitions on automotive telematics and its usage in supply chain management, logistics, fleet management and transportation for manufacturing companies.

Smart Automotive is a bi-monthly print magazine focusing on Vehicle Telematics. It presents a global panorama of domain experts by its exclusive interviews and articles. Over the period of less than a year, it has been touted and recommended by various senior industry leaders and government decision makers. To cater to the vast digital readership, the electronic version of Smart Automotive is made free for download while the physical copy is also circulated to a diverse group of people from ranging from automotive and transport industry to academia and user segment.