Vehicle Tracking System
Now-a-days vehicle tracking is being extensively used in almost every government body. It has become an integral part to improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the entire transport and logistics infrastructure. This conference will provide an excellent platform for the VTS device vendors and solution providers to showcase their solutions in front of the diverse user community.


Vehicle Prognostics & Health Monitoring Systems (PHM)
Telematics has led to the developments of some effective methods to assess the health condition and reliability of various parts of the vehicle. The miniaturized sensors, advancement in on-board data analytics and computational intelligence are creating an opportunity for the government enterprises to utilize PHM systems to ensure a better longevity of their vehicles.


Driver Behavior Management System
It is believed that intelligently implemented driver policies aimed at reducing poor driving behavior can increase road safety and bring substantial savings. Telematics, in form of a either an OBD-II device or a smartphone can monitor driving behavior w.r.t parameters like harsh braking, steep cornering, sudden acceleration, traffic rules violation etc.


Vehicle Tracking for Logistics & Supply Chain
The mix of convenience and simplification offered by vehicle tracking systems has revolutionized the field of logistics and supply chain. Today, many businesses are opting to employ this technology to improve their operational efficiencies as well as safeguard the goods in transit. Some of these are FMCG, high value consumer durables, pharmaceuticals etc.